During this week we went a bit more into our subject. It was time to show even more.
Our week was marked by the session with all our mentors together, it was great! 
During this week we received the essential information that could help us in the evolution of our project. We learned how to do a retroplanning, a pipeline and to determine the essentials in a prototype. By sharing our ideas with the mentors, they helped us understand a lot of things. Thanks to all this we had a clear idea on how to make the transition from live action to 2D, make a script to be better structured, make the maximum of cutting plans and set up a more detailed plan of our project. We have done a model of the basin of Salimata, our protagonist but we still have some difficulties to make the texture realistic and insert it in our scene. We did a lot of research on the music of Scot's instructions, which we will be able to insert in our project, Aristide was in charge of bringing the links. 

We remembered a great expression of Maria: "Prepare and Plan" that allowed us to advance and save time. We now have a clear idea of our deliverable and we start working on our prototype. We have to focus the next few days on the scenario and the character design of SALIMATA


- Planning
- Character choice
- Artistic approach
- Salimata Story
- 3D modeling (Salimata's basin)
- Music search

- Interview simulation
- Transition from 2D to 3D
- Storyboard
- Character Bible 
- Texture and Animation Accessory of SALIMATA
- 2D environment 
- Salimata's 2D animation

It was a nice week, like the first one, we learned a lot and we were able to develop several ACTION plans. Ready for the next week which we will call ACTION WEEK 2

Nana Abla Pokou (Jinko): "Be focused on the story''
Sonja: ''It is motivating and inspiring
Vani: "Unique and authentic
Eugenie: "The project stayed in my mind all night long
Scot: "Simple and good

These kind words from these people mean a lot to us. They motivate us and give us the strength to continue working even harder.