During our first week with the THU team, the mentors and the other finalists, we discovered a lot of tools and received a lot of information. A little under pressure because we were discovering a new world but we were able to get by anyway. we were able to set up an action plan, how to make the transition between live action and 2D thanks to the advice of our main mentor JINKO GOTOH (to whom we gave the nickname of Ablah Pokou, the mother of the Baoulé people Ivorian. We will explain the story to you later 🙃). We had a clearer idea of ​​our deliverable, eliminating certain aspects that may go beyond our skills. We've listed all the ideas and rated them, so you know what to do now and what can wait after. we now have tools that will allow us to test our ideas, how to make a prototype thanks to the advice of KEVIN YOUNG.

We were able to find through many searches to find a good reference image bank and inspiring videos. We took the opportunity to do some English lessons too! (even if the text has been translated online 😄 but we will get there step by step).

it was a hard but very rich week for the start of this adventure.

One last thing, our main mentor (JINKO GOTOH) said she loves our project, we are so proud of it. ðŸ¥°ðŸ¥³