Hi there! Adrián here. This week, we've been very focused on the pitch and the sizzle reel, work that we began last week, but we've kept working on the designs at the same time. This week was work, work and work. So let's go with the recap!

Pablo finished the very first rough version of our sizzle reel right in time to show it to Scot, a great thing because this alowed us to discuss with him how to proceed with music and specially with sound design in it. He gaved us very valuable advice that is helping us to go further with the ideas and also to think better in how would it sound.

As I said, Pablo has been more focused on making the draft of the sizzle reel. He has done the first draft of it and a couple of versions just in text, to be able to make them as quickly as possible and test if they work or not. Meanwhile, I've been finishing the new version of the pitch. Now it's a 5 minutes pitch that shows better how the characters are, how is the relationship between the two brothers, how the story feels like, I've been also polishing the main concept of the project and understanding what is really important to , and I gave it a more personal tone. Tomorrow we have meeting with Kris and I'll pitch it to him so he can help us making it grow from this point. But I'm proud of it, I think it's going in the right direction now.

Also, in the design part, after taking all that inspiration from the weeks before, we've been focused on designing some of the places and also we keep in the search of the right design for Hugo, our main character. I think that we are beginning to find little by little the right way, but he is a character that we haven't found yet. It's fine, it's our daily life as character designers. We just need to hit the right key. But let's see some of the designs!

This first sketch would be Hugo and Nico's house. I think it's lovely! And speaking about houses, Pablo has been doing some researches to push the design of the house of the monsters further.

This is the very last one he did. I've made some minor notes to improve the silhouette and make it more interesting, but I'm very happy with the way this is going. I think it's almost there! Pablo also did this nice ideas for decorations for the house and the fence that separates the house from the common world.

Let's see how Hugo has been evolving! I also did a version of Hugo and Nico to try some things this week, and Pablo has done some iterations. I think the last one is beginning to work, but we still need to keep working and trying to really capture the essence of the character in the design.

And, of course, some monsters! There is no project without monsters.

Even if this week has been very much of being at home working, I think we've achieved some important things, like these drafts of the sizzle reel and the pitch, and it's very exciting (at least for me) to see these materials come to life, they give me the feeling that there is something already done. Even if there is still plenty of work to do and we need to remake and polish the pitch and sizzle several times more, it feels like we are in the right direction, and helps us to keep working with a clear objective: to make this project happen.

So that would be all! Have a great week and see ya!