Hi there! Adrián here, one more week with the recap. This has been a really busy one! I've been working on a new version of the sizzle reel, trying to make it more organic and giving it a better pace, while Pablo has been focused on producing new illustrations to add to our pitch and sizzle reel. We've also kept doing some more iterations around Hugo's design, and we are in a better direction now, even though we still need to push him a bit further, and we've also explored the Hound a little bit. So let's go with the recap!

On Tuesday, we continued with the work we were doing last week about designing Hugo. I worked over the last design of Pablo to make this design of the siblings.

After this one, Pablo did these two to try to give them a different touch.

Pablo has been also working a bit on the Hound, because right now he is probably the less developped character, and it's not fair for our main antagonist. Here are his explorations.

We've also been thinking in the best way of producing the final images for the delivery, and we've agreed that Pablo is going to make the layout/drawing, designing the composition, base shapes and silhouettes and then, I add the colour and light, possibly changing some details to improve the composition. I'm still making some research on these, so I hope to be able to show you some illustrations with colour soon. For now, look at these beautiful illustrations done by Pablo.

I intend to make a quick color script for the sizzle reel when we had it more or less clear, so we can set the tone of the narrative very fast with the palette.

This week has been also the week of trying how our pitch is working now. I've pitched it to Kris, Andrew, Maureen and Rafi and they've given us a very precious feedback, but overall, we are in a very good point with it, so we are going to focus more on the sizzle and on producing the art that goes with the pitch. Anyway, I've written all the feedback down, so I'll come back to it in maybe a week or two to polish it and set it up to the final delivery (which isn't so far!). 

For me this has been a rough week, because I wanted to make so many things but I don't have the time to be working on everything at the same time, and I have to prioritize what is better for the project. That's why I've been a bit less specific on the notes for Pablo and giving him more general directions: I love designing characters and backgrounds, but I've accepted that I can't do everything in the proyect, specially when Pablo is a great artist that comes with really gorgeous artworks. That's part of why we've developped this chain of work that I mentioned before about him making the layouts and me working on the lights and colour palettes, so I can work on what I'm best giving him space enough to make what he is best at, and I'm pretty happy with it. It doesn't mean that I am going to stop making notes on the designs, it's just that intstead of making a lot of very specific notes about every drawing, I'm trying to focus more on the main aspects, so I don't spend that much time making them so I have more time to focus on my tasks.

To finish the recap, I just wanted to say that I almost have the new version of the sizzle reel, I'm excited about it and I hope to be able to show you all soon. But, until then, see you soon!