What a crazy few months it has been! Just a week or two before we submitted our project to Sony Talent League we would've never expected to be working almost full time on an animated VR project with a new technology we've never handled before. And with the greatest mentors we could've asked for, each one with their own speciality to help us elevate our project to the peak of the mountain!

As we expressed before, we always had a feeling there's an interesting and important story to be told about the deaf community that Andrey experienced growing up. And with this medium, together with the guidance of our supporting mentors, was the perfect opportunity to finally realise this idea. Signal is a little contribution to the deaf community that we are looking forward to keep developing!

We want to highlight again the amazing feedback and support we have recieved from our mentors, friends and families and of course the whole THU community. We are really thankful for everyone who accompanied us throughout this journey. Also, we are super happy and proud for the Djossi team to be chosen as the winners. They highly deserve it! We can't wait to meet everyone in person soon enough.

The last three months have been a great experience, with a massive learning proccess and it was a pleasure to have been in this opportunity together. We are more than happy and proud to look back at what the two of us have achieved. We are excited to see what the future brings. Let's keep going!

Team Mapo