On this week of Sony Talent League we put our focus on assembling all our existing elements into Unity, and also continued working on animation and story.

With the help of our mentors, we have reached a point were we feel confident of our story's structure. We think the story as it stands can represent both the good and the difficult sides of deafness and make us feel empathy towards the characters we meet. We are going to start making a basic animatic of the entire story to see if it works well.

Old man poping out of the bushes

Meanwhile we have made a working early version of the in-game interaction. We have added textures, a tutorial hologram, speech bubbles, basic character movements, temporary music and some effects. 

We are still looking for the best way to show the player how to correctly make a sign. We also started looking for a music composer and a person that can help us with ASL so that we don't miss any signing nuances.

Good Morning sign

We still have to refine our script between the Old Man and us to make it work with the newest story version, and hopefully start sending the app for people to test!

Again / Repeat sign


Until next time! ✨