On this week of Sony Talent League we continued developing both the story and the animation side of our project. We continuously have been asking ourselves questions regarding the message we want to convey with our interactive VR experience and how we're going to accomplish that. And with the help of our mentors, the questionnaire we made last week and further research on the deaf community, our storyline becomes more and more clear.

Visualisation of our storyline (on Miro)

In addition to our research we have put more focus on the animation and visual part of Signal. We have started blocking out the animation of our old man, while also discussing about his characteristics and how the animation style can help the story.

   Walk cycle in Blender

With all the elements we have made so far it is time to start assembling them in Unity. We began building the environment and we're going to continue adjusting the shaders and lighting in order to have a compelling scene for the first chapter of Signal.

Signal being assembled