Week 3.
In the third week of the journey to our immersive VR experience we have officially stepped into the phase of pre-production. After doing a lot of research and looking for a ton of references in the past few weeks we have now started to work on concepts and designs for both the characters, as well as the background of the first chapter of our story.
Concerning the characters we mainly have focused on the main one for now, which is the deaf old man from the mountains. For his design we want to highlight empathy and calmness combined with a mysterious touch. Even though he is very old and a bit weak he still has enough will to climb the top of a mountain with us. 

Character Design Concepts.

After many different designs we finally settled on one, for which we then added more details and color. As the next step we will build a first 3D model of it, which we will later give a rig to be able to animate it. 

Character Design of the old man in different colors.

Besides the character design we also started to work on drafts for the background. Drawn in simple gray shadings for now we are aiming for a beautiful and cozy, yet mystical vibe for our campsite in the middle of the mountains. Once we find a design that we both like we will start modeling a first 3D prototype of the scene in VR.

Background Design Concepts.

In addition to that, we have successfully added the first few signs of American Sign Language to our little “dictionary” in Unity, which the viewer will be taught throughout the game.

List of working Signs in ASL in Unity.