Before we get into my project diary, here are two life-changing moments. It is moments like these that alter your perspective on yourself and your life. 

  1. A visit to Gong Gong’s house; We talked about his memories of food as a child, his favourite part about being a cook and his love for chicken, fish, and vegetables. 
  2. Mentor Highlight with Jeff Ranjo

Art Happenings

  1. Siu Lan has been given a new style! A deciding factor in this was an important perspective: kids! My 12 and 14-year-old cousins gave their opinions!
  2. Next stop: the character side-kicks
  3. Sketches for the cover art and key art are complete. Next stop: adding line art and then colour. 

Story Happenings

  1. I am finishing the episode synopsis. In this process, I ask myself: What do the characters learn?
  2. Giving characters a purpose! Who is the messy one? Who is the mischievous one? 

Pitch Happenings

  1. Creating the bible and pitch deck around the art and story
  2. Finalizing pitch script. Next stop: memorization