“One step back can be three steps forward,” is a tip said to me last week that impacted my perspective. (Shout out to the THU team!)


I prepared a presentation of my project for all of my wonderful mentors and presented my project. It was an experience that brought nerves, joy, and connection, as well as learning. I was able to pitch my project and hear what worked and what needs work. Hearing their advice on what to do based on what I had is an opportunity I do not take for granted. 


My key takeaway from the meeting with all the mentors is to table the engaging components and focus on developing compelling artwork. This will help me pitch effectively because I want this show to be seen. 


1. Make a mood board. 

2. I have been drafting a bible that can be used to build my pitch deck and final video. I identified the artwork needed, which will be the focus of my time with Sony Talent League. Also, I have begun my search to find an artist. 

3. Organize, organize, organize. I have been developing a schedule, deadlines, and questions to bring to mentors and mapping out my work from start to finish. I always ask myself: what will I need? When will I need it? What will the artist need? When will they need it? What can I get done to make the other person's job easier? 


To be honest, looking at the schedule from start to finish feels exciting and scary. I get those intrusive thoughts in the middle of the night saying, “You won’t get this done,” or “Remember that mistake you made five years ago?!” But when I breathe and then look at this rationally, I know I can be flexible. This story that I love is going to be brought new life, and importantly, this is fun! 


If you have read this at the time of posting, Happy Lunar New Year! While I spent my weekend eating almond cookies and shrimp dumplings, my mom made a watercress soup and talked about how it brought her back to her childhood home. As I slurped and splattered the broth, I stopped and remembered that this is why I am writing this story; food can transport you home. Isn’t that magical?