After having four mentor meetings last week Elizabeth and I were able to solidify some of the more tedious elements of the game and what to include in our final presentation. It came to a consensus that Elizabeth and I need to explain both the user journey while making sure that we explain the technical end of its development and the realities of producing a game. 

For this week we are focusing on just that. Flushing out the game elements while creating the final presentation and all that goes into it. 

Another task on our to-do list is figuring out exactly how we want to present our ideas in the ten minutes we are allowed. Over the last seven weeks we have added so many amazing ideas to this project and finding a way to portray that is going to be crucial going forward.

This week we want have the prototype of one game space and the line art done for the pitch deck in hopes that we can share it with our mentors and get feedback through slack. We are both so excited to see all our small ideas come together as one and hopefully continue to mold into a cohesive final project.