We feel like each week is going by faster and faster. Even though the next three weeks are absolutely packed with drawing, developing and pitching our ideas we both feel a sense of calmness. Our mentors have helped us so much to get the show and game where it needs to be and now it's our job to execute.

On our to-do list we (Elizabeth) will be finishing the character and location art along with the gadgets that will be used throughout the game and show. 

Our other main goal is to make sure that we have a solid plan for the elements going into the final presentation. This includes breaking down our pitch deck to add the updated art pieces along with incorporating the new ideas that we have developed over the past seven week. 

In week seven we have meetings with Matilde, Sally, Kevin, Shuhei, and Scot. We are planning on using each of them to get the feedback we need in order to make our presentation the best it can be. 

This week is our busiest yet which is equally exciting and nerve-racking. Just don't be surprised if we look a little tired in our week seven recap video!