For week five we have added a new addition to team Knowherian! During the middle of week four Elizabeth got the call to foster a baby boy. Since then we have been adjusting  and working to get back on track with our new little friend. Our goals from last week have transfered over to week five but with a more secure view on what our end goal is going to be. 

After talking with Kevin he solidified our idea to cut the animatic and focus on completing an interactive PDF file, which is basically taking our show deck and, minimally, getting a sense of the interplay between the show and the game by making it engageable. This way we are able to make sure both the show and the game are getting equal attention. 

Some other goals we are trying to achieve for week five include the Knowhere map and talking through the updated game loops with Sally and Shuhei.

We can't wait to get started!