Scot Stafford

United States

Composer, Sound Supervisor and Director for animated films, episodes, shorts and VR/AR. Home: San Francisco, USA. Highlights: founded Pollen Music Group in 2010. Creative Director, Google Spotlight Stories (2012-19). Founded Studio CLA in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2002, Director until 2012. THU 2018 in Malta. Composing "Duet" (Glen Keane). Supervising music and sound with Jamie Hewlett on Gorillaz first VR video; Emmy nomination for "Sonaria" (my directorial debut in 2018); Peabody award for "Pearl" in 2017. Working with the Simpsons creators Jim Brooks, Al Jean, David Silverman and Alf Clausen on their 700th episode and first VR short.