Vol. I: a proof of concept

Vol. I was born from the desire to take the THU experience to as many people as possible. We’ll continue to perfect this endeavour, but Vol. I will always have a special place in our hearts.

  • Being a freelance

    The challenges and perks of freelancing.

  • Inspiration overload

    Hours of video inspiration to guide you along.

  • The “birth canal of cool”

    It’s fun...after all, this is THU! Enjoy yourself, have a laugh.

2015 Main Event Coverage

THU 2015 had a packed schedule. From inspirational talks, to art battles, to live interviews… Many subjects were covered during this edition, but the most recurrent was definitely freelancing.

  • Inspirational talks
    44 videos

  • Live talkshows
    18 videos

  • Art battles
    3 videos

Original content

We wanted to create a valuable product for artists and not only provide people with live-streaming of the event. This is why we went out of our way to create original shows, created and produced by our very own team. Our shows range from funny, to serious, to life-changing… but all have the THU tone of voice.

New Kids on the Block

Moving on Up

The Gig Economy

Jump Start

Speed Painting Lab

Speed Sculpting Lab


War Stories

Inside the Industry

Where we're Going we Won't need Roads

Volume I will be available forever

This was the proof of concept for THU TV. We made some mistakes, but it’s a lot of really cool content. Yours forever.

THU TV - Vol. I


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