THU TV vol III: The Epoch of Belief lives on

Volume III content

Feed your inner creator and get inspired with Talks, Masterclasses, and B-sides.

Who is it for?
THU TV is for creators, creatives, makers and artists of all kinds.
It’s not about the techniques, but about fostering your creativity.

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All content in English without subtitles.
1Some talks or masterclasses may have audio and video limitations or not be available for recording and broadcast due to copyright issues.

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*Original THU TV shows recorded during THU 2017: Sketchbook, Co-Labs, Tips & Tricks (New!), Mobile Games (New!)
*Live talk shows recorded during THU 2017 with our amazing speakers and guests about Animation & VFX, Technology and Art, Entrepreneurship & Education.

THU TV Past Volumes

Hours of original content created for everyone in the digital entertainment industry


All content was filmed during THU 2016

This is the rise of something new: something you won’t just watch, but you will feel. It’s for all creators and creatives.

100 + VAT + Fees

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All content was filmed during THU 2015

This was the proof of concept for THU TV. We experimented with different formats and come up with a lot of cool content.

150 + VAT + Fees

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