Sony Talent League by THU is back for another action-packed edition! No idea what we're talking about? More info here ;) And below are 5 simple reasons you should submit your idea. Which one calls to you most?

The Sky's the Limit

  • How often do you see opportunities come up where you can submit any project idea? I.e. there is no theme to follow and no specific software/medium/tools/format prescribed. It's pretty rare. We realize it can also be daunting - without constraints, decision paralysis can start to creep in. But consider the flip side, you can submit whatever piques your interest, as long as it combines different digital entertainment mediums and is innovative in some way. The world is your oyster, so tap into what you're passionate about, get that creativity revved up, and apply.

You Keep The Rights

  • No need to sign over your first born, your left kidney, or the rights to your idea. Whether your project makes it to the final three or not, the rights to it remain yours. Always. Empowering creators and making sure it's done with their best interests in mind: we've got you.

The Barrier to Entry is Low

  • There's no entrance fee to apply, no ten page thesis to submit, you can apply as a team,  and if you're selected as a finalist there's a monetary supplement to help you be able to dedicate your time over the 10 week mentorship. Still hesitant? Read up on the Rules & Criteria here. And you can check out the full application form here, before you even start typing.

The Rewards are Relevant

  • The challenge here is to learn. We want to help you learn, grow, and bring your ideas to life. As such, we're putting you in touch with industry leaders as mentors. Talented creatives with a wealth of experience, who are excited to help you on your journey to success. 10 weeks of tailored feedback and insights to help you specifically, about your project. And at the end of it, the final team gets to pitch their idea to actual investors. We hear you. We listened when you said building those kinds of connections and getting those kinds of opportunities can be tough to do organically, so we're here to give you a leg up.

It Stretches You

  • Run boldly towards the things that scare you! Ok, well, not if they're going to eat or harm you, but you get the idea. Stepping out of your comfort zone, daring to be uncomfortable, trying new things, that's how you grow. And here, you can do it in a safe and supportive environment, knowing that we're all - the tribe, the THU staff, the mentors, Sony, rooting for you. It's as comfortable as uncomfortable can get. And it's all towards you bringing your ideas to life. 

There you have it, a few reasons to percolate on. The deadline to apply is November 14, so if you're between the ages of 18-35, or know of creators who are, it's time to get cracking. As Wayne Gretzky so aptly put it, “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Don't let the opportunity pass you by.