Get past your fears, and don’t be afraid to take risks!

Each THU challenge or initiative is an opportunity to be creative, show your ideas, and get your talent recognized.

The more you put yourself and your work out there, the more opportunities you’ll have. All it takes is believing in yourself.

It’s not about getting first place or winning a prize. Well, don’t get us wrong, our prizes are incredible, but we go way beyond that.

P.S.: If your imposter syndrome is telling you this is not for you, that definitely means it is. And you should, most definitely, mute that nagging voice in the back of your mind and join us.

Both the process of creating a submission and the prizes are opportunities for growth.

If you don't win...

You were a part of a journey that introduced you to fellow creatives and encouraged you to experiment with new ideas and concepts.

If you win...

Our prizes will help you develop your skills, be it through tickets to THU events, funding, mentorships, internships, hardware, and more.


THU Golden Ticket

Are you a 2D or 3D artist? Get inspired and use your creativity to raise awareness about sustainability.

Sony Talent League Edition II

This is your opportunity to get it off the ground.

Hall of Fame

Get inspired by previous challenge submissions from talented creators.

The Land of Wonder


Bjorn Hurri

THU Clans


Te Hu

Technical artist

THU Reborn


Grace Liu

Sr. Environment Artist

THU Tribe


Jakob Eirich

THU Warrior


Max Kostenko

THU Friend or foe


Dor Shamir

Art director