Malta and venues

Imagine an island with 7,000 years of intriguing history... Now close your eyes and picture yourself there.

Maltese islands have been described as an open-air museum, so we couldn’t really ask for more when it comes to art and inspiration.

It's the perfect setting to create, get advice and knowledge from your favorite artists and meet talented people from all over the world.

Our Venues

Fort Saint Elmo

From its fantastic location and since the 15th century, Fort St Elmo has witnessed incredible moments in Malta's rich history. The Fort is one of the most significant historic landmark in Malta and an amazing place for the Tribe to get together.

Fort Saint Elmo Photos

MCC - Mediterranean Conference Centre

The 16th century building, now the Mediterranean Conference Center, has long been one of Valletta's most remarkable landmarks. Located towards the tip of Valletta peninsula, the MCC has magnificent views and is a rare example of a heritage building functioning to the exacting demands of the 21st century and perfect for a THU venue.

Mediterranean Conference Centre Photos