Robert Valley


Animation Director


Director on Netflix "LOVE, DEATH AND ROBOTS" season 2 "ICE" Winner of 3 Emmy award including Outstanding Short Form Animated Program - 2021; Director on Netflix "LOVE, DEATH AND ROBOTS" season 1 "ZIMA BLUE"; Director “APEX LEGENDS - STORIES FROM THE OUTLANDS – METAMORPHOSIS”; Animation Director on Showtime's "BELUSHI" documentary; Director on the short animated film " PEAR CIDER AND CIGARETTES" nominated for an Oscar in 2017; Director on Metallica music video "MURDER ONE" about the life and times of Lemmy from Motorhead ( good fun); Animation director on Gorillaz " SATURN"S BARS" (many other animation credits on various different Gorillaz projects - Feel good, Dare, Melancholy Hill, Jump the Gut, Hey Our Toys Have Arrived...); Character designer and Episode director on "TRON UPRISING" awarded an Annie Award for character design in 2013; Animation director and character designer on " BEATLES ROCK BAND".