Dongho Kim

South Korea

Dong Ho Kim’s purpose is to be an artist that never rushes. He aspires to be an artist that grows steadily, where he never stops creating.


Dong Ho Kim is an artist from South Korea, born in 1985. He grew up in Seoul, majored in the Comic & Animation department at the University of Sejong, Seoul, South Korea. He started working as a webtoon artist after graduating from university but now he is dedicated to illustrations where he works as one of the artists of Superani, founded by Hyun Jin Kim and Jung Gi Kim. Now his universe has been widened. He publishes his own books of his illustrations, of technicalities in drawings and participates in exhibitions around the world. Dong Ho Kim cites that working as a comic book artist, as a webtoon artist in Korea was amusing but it was hard for him to adapt to its system where artists have to create, publish comic strips in such short notice. He wanted to break himself out of the system. He turned himself into an illustrator where he setJung Gi Kim, his former tutor as his role model. He always wanted to enjoy when he was drawing and always wanted to draw something that is enjoyable for everyone. He started to travel a lot, trekking around the cities in South Korea and started to draw the things that he found interesting around him and thus, he established his unique drawing style. People started to acknowledge his artworks where he depicted various landscapes around the world with his distinctive fish-eye technique with a rather dramatic perspective, Dong Ho finally published his own artbook. He didn’t stop just there but also worked on another book where he explains the fundamentals of perspective, which led him to express his own universe of art abroad. Now, Dong Ho Kim is willing to expand his universe even more.