Discover tróia

  • Beach as far as the eye can see

    Beautiful Tróia extends for 20 km of clear water beaches and soft white sand and separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Sado Estuary, turning this piece of land a true paradise on earth. Besides the local beaches, you can go for a long stretch and visit Praia da Comporta (17 km), or Praia do Carvalhal (30 km). So, no excuses: awake your tropical summer mojo and head over to enjoy the sun and a swim!

  • Just Chilling

    Besides hiking and bike riding, swimming, and kayaking in Tróia, you should take a moment to enjoy its natural beauty and gorgeous sunsets with other tribe members!

    These moments will for sure make the best memories.

  • Traditional Portuguese flavors

    When in Portugal… do it the Portuguese way! You can’t go without experiencing delicacies such as choco frito (tempura fried squid), amêijoas (clams), or the famous sweet wine Moscatel de Setúbal.

  • What to visit?

    Once the most significant center of the fish-salting industry during the Roman Empire occupation, Tróia’s dunes still preserve the legacy of a lost civilization built between the 1st and the 6th centuries. Did you know that besides fish tanks, you can also find ruins of tombs and tubs for hot and cold baths in Tróia? If you’re a history/treasure hunter, this place is a must-visit!

    Would you prefer to wander outside the peninsula? The Sado Estuary Nature Reserve is home to several species of fauna and flora, some of them threatened with extinction, and is the perfect spot for inspiration seekers.

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