Recruiting at the Main Event is not the same as going to a job fair, it’s an all-year process where we work together to make sure you find the best talent. Our goal is to help creators and companies connect, sharing your needs, so that our Tribe members can get to know your company and discover job opportunities. After they apply, you can select the ones you’d like to meet and book interview slots during the event!

Just like THU itself, the recruitment will take place in a relaxed and creative environment, so that everyone feels comfortable!

After the event, we will keep in touch and evaluate the success of the whole process, support the continuation of your communication with the candidates, and understand how we can improve next year!

What kind of companies are we looking for?

We take a lot of pride in our community. So much, in fact, we call it our tribe.

Some of the most talented people in the industry call THU home, and we all believe that being a part of this community means helping each other, growing together, and embracing kindness.

With THU, you’re not only getting the best professionals, but you’re also getting the best people. That is why we need to uphold a standard with the companies we let into our space, making sure they are elements of transformation, to join us in building the future of the industry.

We want companies who share our values and our mission. Companies that believe in finding magic.


The Main Event dates are September 19-24, and the recruitment will take place on Monday, the 19th, and Tuesday, the 20th.

Recruiters and selected attendees will be able to get together for 20-minute interview rounds.


THU 2022 will take place in Tróia, a breathtaking peninsula in Portugal.

join us at career camp 2023

Company applications for the THU Main Event 2022 are now closed.

You can still contact us to be part of Career Camp 2023.

Got questions, doubts or want to talk?

Join our community on Discord or reach out to the team by email.


What does the Recruitment participation fee include?
Where and how does the candidate's selection process work?
What's the schedule and duration of the interviews?
Should we bring our own promotional material or swag/goodies to keep at the booth?