Discover Tróia & Our Venues

About Tróia

Tróia is a peninsula on the other side of Setúbal, and a 50-minute drive from Lisbon. It’s the perfect place for the Tribe: secluded and sunny, with everything in walking distance - including our venues.

Kilometers of beautiful white sandy beaches

Tróia’s beaches offer seemingly unlimited stretches of soft white sand, just a few minutes away from our venues. Head over to enjoy the sun and go for a swim!

Traditional Portuguese flavors

The Portuguese like to bond over food and Setúbal is the perfect place for you to do the same! Experience delicacies such as “choco frito” (tempura fried squid) or the famous sweet wine Moscatel de Setúbal.

End of summer warmth

It’s still very warm in Portugal by the end of September, which means you can enjoy beautiful sunsets across the hills of Arrábida. It’s a gorgeous location, and as Tribe members tend to stay together during the event, you’ll get a chance to forge long-lasting friendships.

THU Venues

We have four different venues, all within walking distance!

Lenovo Center

Sony Oasis


Farm to Mind

Our Welcome Desk and the THU Store are located at the Lenovo Center, and wifi is available in all venues. If you have any accessibility issues, please contact [email protected] so we can assist you.