James Stapp

United States


 James is a CG Modeler and Sculptor of toys and maquettes.  He began his career while at CalArts, Character Animation program. There he found his passion for sculpting and started making toys and maquettes for local studios. Rhythm&Hues asked him to join their team in 1994, He left school,  became a sculptor and soon a CG Modeler.     Since that time, James has been fortunate to have worked at a number of Animation Studios as a CG Modeler for many productions and has often collaborated with their teams to develop sculptures for studio displays, awards and crew gift maquettes. He has worked at Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Nickelodeon, Cinesite Animation, DNEG and Bron Animation.     He is currently the Character Modeling Lead at WildBrain Studios for the upcoming Netflix/Sega project "SonicPrime"  and he creates maquettes and crew gift runs for a number of studios.