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Get inspired, connect, and have fun!

You can expect six days filled with activities, from Monday to Saturday! If possible, make sure you arrive at least one day before and leave the day after it ends.

We’ll share the final schedule closer to the event! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

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day 2

day 3

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Recruitment Sessions & Tribe Building Activities

Opening ceremony

Talks, Art Gallery, Mentorships, Activities & many more...

Closing ceremony



Get inspired to become a better creator by watching live demos and listening to our speakers discuss their experiences, share their stories, and deconstruct industry myths.


THU is packed full of inspiring creators ready to mentor you. It's an opportunity to show them your portfolio, ask questions, and learn from them. The spots are limited, and we'll share more information on how to register closer to the event.

Recruitment sessions

Recruitment at THU is relaxed, personal, and intimate, just like THU itself. Some of the biggest companies in the world will be there to see your work, so prepare your portfolio and get ready for an amazing experience!


A place where digital and fine arts meet. Here you can watch live demos, witness the creative process of your favorite artists, and be a part of drawing sessions. Improve your skills and sketch away!

Life drawing sessions

Get to grips with the ancient art of anatomical illustration! Digital tools are important, but a strong artistic foundation is an absolute must. At THU, we like to go back to basics with good old-fashioned drawing sessions with live models.

Tribe Talks

For the first time ever, we are giving you the opportunity to give a talk! You will be able to submit your idea, and then the Tribe will vote on their favorite ones. More information about the submission process is coming soon!

Tribe building

It’s a THU tradition to have activities that gather the Tribe and break the ice, so everyone can just relax, connect, and get to know each other.