How to Get to Tróia

COVID-19 Travel Advice

Always check your country’s and Portugal’s status before traveling as rules and regulations change weekly!

You can get there in three simple steps:


Lisbon airport is the nearest one. You have several options to get to Setúbal Catamaran station at the airport: THU shuttles, taxi, metro, and train combo. We have a Welcome desk where you’ll find THU staff members to help you navigate. The location of the welcome point will be disclosed soon!

THU Shuttles:

We’re organizing shuttle services to and from the Lisbon Airport. We’ll share more updates soon.

Catamaran to Tróia

Once in Setúbal, you’ll take a Catamaran (that’s a kind of boat!) to Tróia. It’s a great chance to take in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Here are some other options:

Taxi and Riding Apps

You can share a ride to the Setúbal Catamaran Station with other attendees! A taxi is around 70€ and a van is around 130€.


The Fertagus line that travels to Setúbal is available at several stations in the Lisbon area. To get to Setúbal by public transportation, you have to take the metro to Sete Rios (red line and blue line), and from there, catch a train to Setúbal. Then, hop on the Catamaran, same as if you were going by shuttle. The whole trip will cost around €12.30 and take about 70 min.

Driving & Carpooling

You can take your vehicle directly to Tróia via the highway through Grândola or by Ferry at Setúbal. It will take you around 1h30 (50 km) to get to Setúbal and the same time but 134km by Grândola.

If you have any accessibility issues, please contact [email protected] so we can assist you.

Useful Information

A few practical things to consider as you prepare your trip.


The days are still sunny! Bring your bathing suit, sunscreen, after-sun, and bug repellent (the renowned mutant mosquitoes of Tróia are real!). Don't forget to pack warm clothes to wear at night, when the temperature drops with the Atlantic breeze.


The electric current in Portugal is 230/400 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz and sockets comply with European standards. You will need a 230-volt transformer and an adaptor to use American-style flat-prong plugs.


It’s safe to drink from the tap.


The currency in Portugal is the euro. You can make payments using cash or credit/debit cards at the THU Store and at the food stands at the THU food court.

Medical Centre

Alameda do Pinheiro, 7570-789, Tróia.
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+351 933 338 932


TroiaShoping Shop LA37, 7570-789
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Mon-Sun 10:00–13:30 & 14:30–19:00

Supermarket Meu Super Troia

Alameda do Pinheiro Manso, 7570-789
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Mon-Sun from 09:00-22:00

Police Post GNR

Posto Territorial de Tróia
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+351 265 249 760

Post Office CTT

R. da Aroeira, 7570-789, Gdl
Mon-Fri 09:00–13:30 & 14:00–17:30
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More useful information can be found here.