Ubisoft Mobile

At Ubisoft Mobile, they invent the future of video games by developing new experiences, original gameplay and innovative consumption methods, accessible anytime, anywhere. Join the adventure. You’ll be involved in everything from adapting the biggest licenses to creating games from scratch. The diversity of their gaming portfolio is matched only by the variety of our gameplay styles. From Hungry Shark to Is-It Love and Might & Magic to Assassin's Creed Rebellion, you will thrill players across the globe in solo experiences, playing against millions of enemies in real time or with their friends around the world.

Ubisoshort production cycles and small teams also push them to continuously learn from their players, market and colleagues. The teams are versatile: marketing and production work hand in hand to create, test, launch and bring our games to life.  Everyone contributes to the development of F2P mobile experiences, whatever their job.   At Ubisoft Mobile, they share the same vision of a caring work environment, nurtured by the diversity of expertise and personalities. They believe that by applying this mindset you can have a bigger impact. You too? Join Ubisoft Mobile!