Outfit7’s story started with a talking cat that repeats everything you say in a funny voice. That adorable creation was how the global Talking Tom phenomenon was born. Nine years, 9 billion game downloads, a few times as many video views and a worldwide merchandising program later, we’ve gone way beyond talking cats.

Behind their success, Outfit7 is a community of creators making art that gets seen by millions every day. To be a creator on such a stage is incredibly rewarding, but also a big responsibility. They honor the scope of their reach by focusing on quality over quantity and always pushing beyond their limits to deliver the best possible entertainment experience - be it in our award-winning games, web-series, or the office. 

Their success is fuelled by some of the best artists in the industry. Because they know the value of good art, Outfit7 invest in the professional growth of every individual who joins their ranks. 

Outfit7 expect nothing but the best results, but always support each other on the way and keep the atmosphere light even when the work gets tough.

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