Experienced director Jaime Maestro and sociologist Nadia Ruiz founded La Tribu with the hope of fulfilling their goal of becoming one of the leading studios for the production of feature-length 3D animation films. The studio’s innovative and unique philosophy places particular emphasis on its artists’ personal and professional development as well as their general well being. Thanks to this approach they're able to guarantee that the projects they produce are of the highest possible quality. 

At La Tribu, they relentlessly pursue excellence in everything they do and they strongly believe that if you are going to do something, you may as well go all-out. Thanks to the considerable experience that their team has under its belt, and the passion that the artists instill in their work, they are able to produce a considerable amount of high-quality content in record time.

While they happily respond to the trust of international distributors with our efficient services, they continue working to achieve their main objective: creating and developing their own movies based in their own stories.

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