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Victor Hugo

3D Artist

Victor Hugo is a freelance 3D artist from Brazil. He’s an award-winning artist with one of the 3D community’s most recognizable portfolios of stylized 3D illustrations.

With more than a decade working as a 3D artist and five as a Freelancer, Victor Hugo has worked for many companies around the world, such as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment, and Blur Studios, among many others.While at Walt Disney Animation Studios, he worked as Look Development Artist for Moana, nominated for two academy-awards.

Always involved with THU's "Special projects," Victor Hugo first tried 3ds Max when he was 13 — and hated it. Rather than planning an art career, his plan was to become a history teacher. At 19, he needed money to pay for college, so he took a job at an arch viz studio in Brazil. He learned how to model on-the-fly, and eventually started to enjoy what he was doing.  After three years, he decided that it was time for a change, so he gave a shot migrating to Advertising Illustration and later on shifting to a full-time freelance career as a character artist.