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Marc Simonetti

Concept Artist and Illustrator

Marc Simonetti is a French concept artist/ illustrator.

Best known for his work on GRR Martin's books "A song of Ice and Fire ", and his Iron throne, he's also illustrated some of the most well known fantasy and SciFi novels, such as the Discworld by Terry Pratchett, The Royal Assassin trilogy by Robin Hobb, Terry Brooks "Shannara's trilogy", or Frank Herbert's "Dune".

He won three Stabby awards, and just recently won the 2018 Chesley award for best hard cover illustration. He's also worked for many video games companies such as Activision, ubisoft, Magic The Gathering, EA, Square Enix and King Isle Entertainment.

He has been working for 10 months with Luc Besson on "Valerian", and is now regularly working for Theme parks and on many different movies for MPC LA.