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Prezmek Duda

Concept Artist at Trixter

Przemek Duda who's currently working for VFX Powerhouse Trixter. Always showing a great fascination for science, technology, the environment and various other influences, he is keen to develop new ideas and push designs using a wide variety of tools ranging from 3D to Illustration and Photography.

After studying Architecture at TU-Berlin, Przemek began working as a concept artist / 3d artist for a broad range of media, including commercials, music videos, video games, live events, and arch viz before joining Trixter in 2016. Credits include Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, which he will show a lot of art from during his talk; Fast and Furious 8, (upcoming) Spiderman: Homecoming, (upcoming) Black Panther, and (upcoming) live-action adaptation of the children's book Jim Knopf.