I have to say I have literally no idea, that's why it took me so long...

I mean there's probably nothing I own that I couldn't somehow do without, very much depends on the situation as well what I would take...

My tongue-in-cheek answer: water (I know, I'm so funny)
My realistic answer if it comes to making back enough money to buy all the rest again: my pc, probably the most versatile item I own
My sentimental/unpractical answer: my moog synth. I couldn't do much with it, but at least I'd be happy noodling around. (though I also need at least headphones with it, does that count as one Item?) 
If I was stranded on a deserted Island / in an apocalypse: my leatherman multitool (assuming there's also no way to get reception, otherwise, phone, though I could very much do without that...)


I tend to travel a lot, so my bag is always as light as can be, but here are the things I always bring no matter where I find myself:

  • a notebook for sketching in the strangest of places (boat, sleigh, tuk tuk...)
  • a random assortment of pens, markers and pencils
  • snacks, always
  • my trusty Ipad (and Procreate!)
  • pictures of friends and family, plus prints and stickers I got from artist friends!
  • at least one book I haven't read yet (my latest is Circe by Madeline Miller)

And of course, my phone for pictures and music 😄


What I can't live without... Hmmm, I would go a bit esoteric here and say...  Adventure.

Adventure to me isn't travelling per se, but experiencing life. Gathering knowledge, exploring worlds through stories, falling in love, feeling heartache, trying to fulfill your dreams, getting to work for the company of you always wanted to! It is all an adventure!
If I can't have an adventure... To be stuck in monotone life, a loop where barely anything interesting happens. A complete standstill. That, that is something I would wish upon no one. It just feels bleak and horrible.

To end that: If you ever the chance to look into the future, don't take it. We don't do boring adventures where you  know the outcome of already!