Pretty chaotic as things go, but I was lucky to have remodelled it right before the pandemic started.


Here’s my workplace as well!

It’s a simple spot. I use most of the living room table as workplace (having a big mirror cabinet next to me and a book cabinet is just really useful). I kinda dislike sitting in my room. I much rather prefer the hustle and bustle of the living room than the somewhat oppressive silence of my bedroom (although my secondary workplace is there, including my Cintiq 24HD haha). Sometimes when the noise does get to me though, I just point furiously to the David Bowie painting hanging over me to make people see I want some more peace and quiet hahaha

It’s a pretty simple place, but it does its job excellently!


This has been my safe-space for the past year. I started to entirely rebuild it, right at the start of the pandemic, and was super lucky to have a business license to be allowed to still get building material from the hardware store during lockdown... 

Basically a pretty dead sound studio (some of my friends feel it's a little deafening almost? it feels smaller than it is). 

I built the back wall from some 1500 foam wedges and 80mm thick foam plates, built bass traps in the corners with rockwool inside and added 16cm thick rockwool panels to the ceiling (also self built). 

The opposite wall is still to receive a DIY jumbotron led screen (as soon as I figure out the power delivery) to display some animated pixel art and weather and to do lists and such. 

The desk is a self-built sit-stand desk that has my PC mounted below so it's basically invisible. 

The Light is probably my most ambitious part of the room, it's a 6 by 8 matrix of individual warm white, daylight and cold blue lights ( every line you see in the picture consists of two lights) that I can individually control... via code. so they only light-temperature-change right now, but I can make it do a space elevator if people want to see that^^ 

The drawing board is a last week-addition, basically just a piece of 1m by 1m50 mdf from the hardware store that I added some mounting thingies to to be able to hang it from my bed when I'm working and it's amazing . (it also has the added benefit of blocking me from going back to bed when I don't want to) 

Lastly my guilty pleasure/money sink: my music stuff. I can't play but I don't let that stop me, so I have a nice e-drum set to not kill my neighbors that I regularly hit with sticks (semi in the rhythm hopefully) and my pride and joy, my synths, that I noodle around on every once in a while to calm down. 

So yeah, I can go on for longer but I think that's plenty detailed 😅. it's basically where about all of my savings of the past 4 years have gone and I do not regret spending a single cent^^