What are your hopes for your 70-year-old self?


Dunno, that's a half loaded question for me 😅

I think I see myself as the chill, content with life, village crazy lady kind of type, with my own studio and workshop in some inspiring location, scotland or iceland or something, going for a run everyday, walking my big fluffy dog and constantly working on creating something? If I were to write myself a letter, I'd probably just ask how it's going^^ congratulating on making it this far and wishing all the best for the future hopefully still to come.

I'd probably say I'm happy with the path I'm on, so I have no clue what I should "discuss" with my future self. I just want to see where it's going as it comes 🤔


By the time I'm 70, I hope to have landed my first job in the industry!

No but really....
I hope to keep creating and experimenting as I do now, just with more experiences under my belt. There's so many stories I want to tell...Though I'd be happy even just telling one good one. I also expect lots of animals, a big ol' garden and a colorful house full of books. I'd want it to be super welcoming, with people coming and going all the time. 


I see myself ending up still working. Perhaps still as an artist, perhaps as a voice actor, maybe even a director on movies, but definitely as a mentor! Probably in some place that gets snow sometimes, but definitely a stimulating and exciting place, and not boring! Somewhere where I can still do weightlifting and be a martial arts hobbyist haha! I’d probably end up being the fun local grandpa that tries to get the younglings to try a bit harder to follow their dreams (read: threaten to kick their ass if they don’t do so).

I’d love to sit down and have a drink with my old self and just listen to the wildest tales they’ve got to tell. I would probably get mad at some point that he’s spoiling all the fun stuff I still need to experience before just bursting out in laughter together. I’d probably leave giving the old man a promise that I won’t stop climbing up the mountain and he just gives a big grin in return, a slap on my back and tell me to get going then already.

I can only hope I make future me here proud by doing my best now.