Go-to song/type of music for inspiration?


That is a much more easy question to answer for me^^

it's very dependent on mood, but I'm mostly listening to Future Funk/City Pop, Lo Fi or Electronica (in general) for relaxation/getting me through work

Artist I like there: 
City Girl
Yung Bae 
Macross82-99 (and all the others in that bubble)

if I listen to music for the sake of it, or while relaxing, Daft Punk, Wintergatan, Gorillaz, Vulfpeck, TWRP, game soundtracks (Hard recommend Hades, Celeste, Transistor, Xenoblade1&2, Persona 5, Furi, Hollow Knight)
honestly it's too much to count and I love it all equally? These are just the first that came to mind in the current emotional state I'm in^^
I have quite a library of stuff at this point. Basically, I listen to almost anything, except pop most of the time. 

if you want specific recommendations: 
Dabin - Ghost Hack
Varien & 7 Minutes Dead - Mirai Sekai (Continuous Mix)
Daydreamer - Travelling Light
flora cash - They Own This Town
DGTO - Some People Don't Fall (feat. CLANLEY)

Iiii could go on for hours...

lastly, If I do something in the workshop, classic rock. dunno why, but that is a hardwired association in my brain.



I’m absolutely down for this question because I get easily addicted to new music genres, and have been discovering a lot of new artists while building up playlists for Icebreakers. I also studied History of Musical Instruments (really random, I know) and got fascinated by how much variety in sounds we are able to create. 

First off, these are the main ones I use to get into the mood of the project:
Ice Age
Swashbuckling Sea Sapphics

I’m also very into Sea Shanties of course, particularly anything with a Hurdy Gurdy (one of the strangest instruments) in it:
Andrei Vinogradov
Pirate Music

I’d of course recommend all of the Black Sails soundtrack (it’s my absolute favourite series of all time), but in particular “The Parson’s Farewell

Thank you so much for this question. I had a blast!



Our entire gang is so music-oriented, so I can’t be left out!

I grew up in a family that loves music (My dad even was a sound and lights mixer for a band back when he was a teen), so it all came really natural to me!

For Icebreakers I went back to what I love in movies and what I think Icebreakers should aspire to be, so I made a playlist for the project. It includes lots of instrumental pieces. Especially from classic swashbuckling adventure movies I think exemplify how I think Icebreakers should feel, like John Williams’ work and that of James Horner with Zorro. Throw in a few other songs that I feel set the tone for specific scenes or characters to crawl into their headspace and we’re right as rain! A specific favorite of mine for this project has been “Northwest Passage”, a song that amongst other things tells about Franklin’s failed expedition and the call to adventure in general. I bet most of the Canadian Tribe members are familiar with the song!

On a personal note, I am one who enjoys ALL types of music. Slower, more soulful music can be my jam. I can rock out to any good anthem or just deep dive back into 80’s music (I honestly know/feel more comfortable with 80s music than with music of my own generation haha). I’m currently very much into the sea shanties ofcourse and into ye olde bardcore to relax!

To close, I’ll share my favorite band, Vintage Trouble! I especially recommend you listen to both “Run Like The River” and “Pelvis Pusher”!! (You can expect me to sing them next THU!)


*Featured image: the Hurdy Gurdy (the medieval wheel instrument)