It's remarkable how much you can get to know someone just by asking a few simple questions. Tune in for our weekly "Getting to know you" questions with the teams. You'll no doubt gain insights on these brilliant creatives, but we're guessing you'll also leave inspired.

This week's query: 

Who is someone you admire in the creative space?


Mike Patey and if an engineer making YouTube videos is cheating (though I think the things he builds are art in every sense of the word), Jeremy Blake (creator of Red Means Recording

*Side note from THU, Mike Patey totally qualifies as a creative in our eyes too :)


My teachers at IDEA Academy! In particular Isabella Mazzanti and Andrea de Dominicis, for their infinite patience as teachers and their invaluable advice over the years. Also, they're both ridiculously awe-inspiring artists.


For me it’d be Stjepan Šejić, a comic artist and storywriter from Croatia who has probably been my biggest inspiration in almost every aspect for the last decade, and Malcolm Wopé, an artist and animator from South Africa, who has been a big drive for me to look more into storyboarding and fight choreography!

*Image caption (from top left, clockwise): Carmilla by Isabella Mazzanti, Mike Patey, an frame by Stjepan Šejić, character design for Emperor Prothus of Numa Seraan by Andrea de Dominicis, Jeremy Blake, Kung FU is Dead fight scene byMalcolm Wopé.