Anchors aweigh! Welcome to the Captain’s Log of Icebreakers

Here we tell you a bit on our weekly adventures making a dream project, meeting and learning from legends of our industry, and forging bonds strong enough to barrel through the icy waters ahead!

While we can treat this as the first official week of Icebreakers, a true crew makes sure to take stock of their supplies! The moment we heard we were one of the finalists, we basically went to work straight away. In the time we were reevaluating a lot of our work, the characters, story, strengthening the vision behind the project, and even bringing extra people on board to help out.

We knew our strengths and weaknesses from the start and we knew if we wanted to make more than just the Proof of Concept that we had for the pitch, we needed more people. Our first new full time team member was Chrisna Lungala, our composer who made the first sketch of the score for Icebreakers. The second was Michael Freundorfer, a developer who helped us out a ton with the render style and making sure it was performing well on the Oculus Quest. Having him on the team would mean we could achieve what we wanted much quicker and to a higher standard, making the tools we want to share with The Tribe a reality.

Late this week we got to learn who our mentors would be and that we would be meeting them next week! It really was this moment that it was all starting to feel real and that we would need to get down to business!

Links and Stuff from week 1:

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