We're at the beginning of an exciting adventure, so to kick things off, we asked the teams for their gut-reactions to the following questions. The candid responses they provided were both insightful and inspiring :)

1. What are you hoping to get from this mentorship?

Christoph: Contacts to some amazing people and some of the tiny bits of useful knowledge you only gain through experience or by having an experienced mentor.

Alexandra: I look forward to getting feedback both from the mentors and the Tribe. Having a pool of incredibly skilled people to evaluate a work in progress is invaluable!

Stephan: To learn how to fully explore my vision and make it work. Hopefully finding the true direction I want to develop in as an artist as well.

2. What do you think you'll struggle with the most?

Christoph: Finding our shared vision? I think we have it mostly down technically, but working in a team with different ideas always leads to a bunch of friction (and already has multiple times) and working that out to get to a coherent final project will be the biggest challenge I believe.

Alexandra: Staying productive on a day to day basis is something I’ve been struggling a lot with in recent times. 

Stephan: Being a good director and leader. I've led before, but never on this scale and with this level of visiblity, and I just want to do right by myself and the team.

3. What do you think you'll enjoy the most?

Christoph: Working on something I love with people I love. 

Alexandra: I always look forward to feedback sessions, as they will permit us to see our project in a new light, and make it better. I also look forward to telling this story to the best of our ability.

Stephan: Figuring out alongside the mentors how to make sense of the chaos that is in my brain and seeing this project come to life. That, and just waiting to see the joy on people's faces when they watch the final piece.

4. What do you think will be the most surprising/unexpected part of this experience?

Christoph: I think the most surprising aspect will be the opportunities and possibilities this will lead us to. I think all in all the project and mentorships themselves are "predictable", but I have no idea what journey this experience is the first step of.

Alexandra: With each new week I find out new paths our project can take, and new avenues to explore. Every week has its share of surprises.

Stephan: I honestly have no clue and I like that! It will make the surprise even more impactful when it happens!