The journey began back in July 2020, with Sony and THU's invitation to connect, collaborate and contribute. The result is the incredible adventure we're currently embarked on. But it all began here: with a pitch and a dream.

Meet Christoph Graf, Alexandra van Caloen and Stephan Rumping as they welcomes us into the world of Icebreakers.


Icebreakers takes the fun adventurous comics, set on weird and distant worlds, of one’s childhood and blends it with Virtual Reality. Our project truly bridges the creative distance by taking comics, a medium that hasn’t changed over the last few decades and VR, a medium not fully explored yet. Like the crew of Icebreakers themself, we want to explore. We want to take the core elements of comic book storytelling and styling, and make it into a truly new form of entertainment with the dynamic 3D perspective of VR, supplementing the experience with ambience, soundtrack and voice acting. The production of the pitch itself has been a fulfilling challenge in its own right, being a wonderful exploration for the artists in storyboarding near-360 degree panels, yet also having a sufficient technical challenge for programmers as well in emulating the art within VR. 

Tools Description

Unity, Oculus Quest, Photoshop, Blender, Instant Terrain, Procreate, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter. The project's unique style necessitates a custom renderer and stands out among 3d projects in general and VR especially.