Ooooooh thats a good question, well... Over the course of these ten weeks my system was slowly imbued by the power of Ergokinesis! the power to control all forms of energy with the mind, this ability is however limited to myself and depends on how much caffeine is in my system at the time and whether or not music is being played. 


  • Allows the user to complete large tasks
  • Makes people around the user happy
  • Limitless energy supply
  • Easier to learn new skills due to enthusiasm! (jack of all trades)


  • Users will experience blips of 'No thoughts/head empty' scenarios
  • User paces a lot, like A LOT (I am told I look like a squirrel because I pace with my hands up like a squirrel...) 

With this super power it becomes easy to match people and interact with them. Talking to people isn't as scary as it once was and now as I face the horizon, the world is not as scary as I thought it once was, it's as fun as I make it!

The other thing I consider a superpower is my weird talent of hissing like a Puff Adder, a kind of viper around here, but it freaks people out and Tabi says mammals should not do that. Personally I think I sound like a cat when that happens and consider it a fun party trick, no one else does though.

I have come to realize I have the mind bending ability­čśé to stay calm under pressure, which I know is a real cliché thing to say, but, when things start to get crazy around me, it's as if a different me kicks and I kind of black out, while Tabi 2.0 starts doing all the things that need to get done in a very orderly way. It's kind of like turning into a robot and I don't stop until everything is cleared out, then, I, the original laid back Tabi returns and looks in awe at everything that's been completed. Also, I think I can communicate with chicken­čśé. I'll just leave that there.