Time for the drum rolls!


It's the last week and we've cooked up something pretty good (or at least we think so). Now it's time to 'keep the fire burning' and deliver something awesome that best depicts our project. The curtains are about to close and it's a bittersweet feeling, part of us wishes it could go on forever, half of us is screaming for a snack, and somewhere another bit is just a happy to have built, learned and grown as much as we have. Now it's time to serve it up!

It's a daunting feeling but you have to be willing to put yourself out there for anything to work out. It feels like staring down a lion, some of the time if you don't show fear it'll leave you alone, (other times you WILL BE EATEN and I strongly advise no one try to walk up to an apex predator and say hi!) ,but we've built it up and we're about to shoot the last video, so we shall deliver something spectacular!

We love you guys!
🌼🌸Lydia and Tabi