This week's Goal of the Week is aptly named Editing! A more dramatic title would be THE GREAT PURGE, but that's kinda dumb.

Okay back on track! now that we're nearing the end of the League I have to say I'm kinda sad (actually I'm pretty sad, time flies when you're having fun) and now we have to begin editing! We're polishing what we have and letting go of what we couldn't salvage (looking at you string quartet) and working to best show our work so far.

We've had an incredible time working with everyone from traditional artisans

to craftsmen who were nice enough to let us record them in exchange for helping out here and there. I still have grass in my hair but they gave me a harp! Which is neat! 

We've collected what we need and made what we must. Now we must arrange it well enough to share with the world! (Cue dramatic music)

Can't wait to show you what we're making!

Much love from Lydia and Tabi <3