Drumroll for the goal of the week.....aptly named: Nasema? (What am I saying?)

Our goal this week is to figure out how to properly express exactly what we are doing. Just getting the right words that best explain who we are, what we've made, and why we are doing this. Talking to ourselves in the mirror till we know our words by heart and just having a blast yammering about the land the lovely ladies pictured above came from (fun fact they are modelled after our friends. Left to right: Liwe is Tabby, Nemo is Nimu and Siki is Gladys), what we stand for, what our Imaginary friends stand for, what this project stands for and mostly importantly what we're going to say.

Words have the power to create belief and we're gonna make the tribe believe in this project just as much as we do.

(Also on this week's list: draw up new cover art and fix Kawia's fight sequence, and the trees in the environment are kinda ugly so we need to get a better lighting scheme...but that's more of a technical thing so... not as important, I mean it is but...not in this scenario... right, yeah, yep that's right)

And lastly, what's the image above? A selfie with my favourite girls - they've worked so hard for us!

Yep that's everything!