Onward, to the farm!

With the static scenes nearly being done and the cleanup well underway we now move on to sending them off to render farms to be rendered! yay!!!!!!! ugh it's been such a trip getting here but with this the prototype is (checks notes) 33% complete! Now we must dial up the pizza delivery service of 3D renders and order in! 

But we're so happy to even get here! This art of development was key in developing Kawia's look, defining her story and spending an embarrassing amount of time making a lion shake its butt (in our defense it was hilarious). But it was necessary in making this a storybook you can walk into, now we must wear our zombie fighting gear and unleash the horde of the undead upon the game land! 

Now you might have a lot of questions:

  1. Why static shots instead of in-engine renders?
  2. what did you do to that lion?
  3. ...I don't know what else, but if you want to ask, feel free to ask!

Well static shots have more control over choreography and physics simulation and let us go crazy on visual effects and as for the lion well... it was pretty funny that's all i can say hehehe! 

(no lions were harmed in the making of this game)