Go-to song/type of music for inspiration? And/or: What are the first three songs on your playlist?

After so much thought because my playlist together with my music app were deleted from my country, hahahaha, I've been going through all my extremely multi faceted playlists on youtube and I picked these three:

Benzema ft Savara - Bypass
Marc Rebillet - One More Time
KDDO ft Nyovest - ewallet

This is easy (sorry Tabs!), I listen to everything with my favourite genres being heavy metal, electronic music and show tunes but these are my all time faves:

Nina Chuba - Jungle 
Droeloe - Push Through
Good Omens theme song

Yep that's it, we have extremely different tastes but we still love hanging out together, besides half of the time we end up really liking what the other recommends. The other half is usually just an awkward experience as we try to explain that it's not for me but you do you sis.