We're at the beginning of an exciting adventure, so to kick things off, we asked the teams for their gut-reactions to the following questions. Their thoughtful responses provide awesome insight into their personalities :)

1. What are you hoping to get from this mentorship?

We are hoping, out of the mentorship programme, to be able to match our skill level to the industry standards given that we have such awesome mentors who are successful in their fields guiding us.

Also, we are really looking forward to building our confidence levels in the process through all the e-interaction, we are having.

2. What do you think you'll struggle with the most?

Our biggest struggle would have to be managing our anxiety as this is such a huge platform we've been offered a chance to grow in, full of such amazing people, and we definitely want to do everyone proud as we share Kawia the best way we know how.

3. What do you think you'll enjoy the most?

Our favourite part of this entire process is definitely meeting our idols who we get the chance to be mentored by. That by itself is just mind-freaking-blowing. And the cherry on that cake would have to be making buddies who are in the same industry as us a part of our new tribe!

4. What do you think will be the most surprising/unexpected part of this experience?

We feel as if there's no way to be more surprised than how we are at the moment, that we are actually doing this right now. We are still trying to collect our brains from being blown away as much as they are 😂. However, we are definitely looking forward to when we will show what we're working on come March. We really can't wait to see the entire project come to fruition.