The journey began back in July 2020, with Sony and THU's invitation to connect, collaborate and contribute. The result is the incredible adventure we're currently embarked on. But it all began here: with a pitch and a dream.

Meet Lydia Mugure and Tabitha Karaba and follow them as they welcome us into the world of Kawia's Adventure.


When crossing borders, this project will take us on a time-traveling safari across the African savannah to discover an ancient magical land lost to time, witness the lives and the history of a people lost to the sands of the Sahara sing with them, play with them, learn from them and listen to their stories echoing in the wind. The concept is basically a movie you play through using animation to capture the magic lost to time and video game mechanics to let people live out the stories themselves. You get to play as a Kawia a girl on a journey home and through this journey, we get to experience how life was in the old days; filled with music, dance, art, and cute elephants! In what is basically a cultural showcase of the East African community that literally takes you back in time to hang out with our ancestors and dance with them! why dance though? It's a well-known fact that Africans love to dance, we dance for everything! Someone just had a kid? time to dance! It's raining? time to dance! Hmmm...It hasn't rained for a while, we should summon an amazing storm...time to dance! oh no, someone died...time to dance, but a sad way. So we choreographed the dances from each east African region from Rwanda to Ethiopia to use as a weaponized form of magic and expression while show casing our history! Now doesn't that sound like a fun time!

Tools Description

Blender, A free 3d and 2d animation tool used to develop models and animate them Unity incredibly powerful game development software