This last week we met with David Prescott, who gave us some great tips on how to film during the weekend that Clara was going to come to Paris. He suggested that we just let the camera roll and make versions and versions of what we want to say using our own words and talking to each other naturally.

He also posed us a very useful question: How do you pitch best? (live, with a video…)

Then we met with Chrisna, our composer, who sent us a version of the music for the Teaser that we LOVED.

Last meetings were Shiho and Kris (another extra mentorship!) on Friday. They both gave us great ideas for the script and suggested adding some things that were missing.

They both insisted on keeping in mind that our audience might not know anything about the project, and it should be clear enough for them.

Clara flew to Paris on Saturday, and thanks to our dad, who came to help us film, we finished the shooting and even had the time to focus on the Instagram Finalists Take Over on Sunday.

Here’s a little Q&A that we put together answering some of the questions we got :)